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Lucy Warbeck is a young apprentice witch and member of the coven that Tiffany Aching encounters in The Wee Free Men, ostensibly led by Annagramma Hawkin. She is one of the background characters throughout the Tiffany Aching series of books, which are written for a younger audience, but which still appeal to Discworld fans. the new generation of witches in this coven are already developing the sort of amusing eccentricities and character quirks which only get more marked as they grow older. For whatever reason - eccentricity, forgetfulness or perhaps just boffo - young Lucy meticulously makes up her hair every morning incorporating a knife and fork into her hairdo because witches believe in sorting out how odd they are early. She uses the term "like" a lot. She first appears in A Hat Full of Sky, By the third book (Wintersmith), she has become a recognised witch, and is in training to become a Witchfinder like Miss Perspicacia Tiffany Aching asks her to assist the badly-out-of-her-depth Annagramma and she reluctantly agrees to help out.


The Wee Free Men

A Hat Full of Sky