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Lumuel Panter was a powerful Eighth-Level wizard, and the previous head of the Brothers of the Order of Midnight. He appears in the novel The Light Fantastic. His first name is given as Lumuel (page 114) and later Lemuel (page 245). He was a Lecturer in Basic Scrying and Summoning. He made "quite a study" of the Octavo in his time. He was once the tutor of Rincewind and despaired of teaching the student anything. Years later the sound of his voice could still terrify Rincewind and bring back unhappy memories of walking to the front of the class to draw a rune he couldn't remember on the board. He attempted to find Rincewind to reclaim the one spell missing from the book by using some form of magic but the attempt failed.

Panter, Wert and Trymon discuss reading the Octavo withoug the missing spell shortly before Trymon steals the book:

Jiglad Wert : And the star. People are noticing, you know.
Panter : Yes, they say we should be doing something. What, I should like to know.
Jiglad Wert : Oh, that's easy. They say we should read the Octavo. That's what they always say. Crops bad? Read the Octavo. Cows ill? Read the Octavo. The Spells will make everything all right.
Ymper Trymon : There might be something in that. My, er, later predeccessor made quite a study of the Octavo.
Panter : We all have, but what's the use? The Eight Spells have to work together. Oh, I agree, if all else fails maybe we should risk it, but the Eight have to be said together or not at all - and one of them is inside this Rincewind's head.
— Panter speaking with Jiglad Wert and Ymper Trymon.[src]

Panter and the other Heads of the Orders were tricked by Archchancellor Ymper Trymon and locked in the Octavo cell while Trymon stole the book. However, when it appeared that Trymon had successfully read the seven spells that were available, he and the other wizards were only to happy to congratulate him - ‘the ends justifying the means’. Unfortunately for them all, Trymon's mind had broken and a path in his head was opened to the horrors of the Dungeon Dimensions, but by that time it was too late for them to stop either Trymon or the Things from the Dungeon Dimension. Panter was turned to stone alone with the other wizards on Hogswatchnight, 1964.

His statue now graces the grounds of the University.


The Light Fantastic

The Colour of Magic (film)

Behind the scenes[]


  1. Death mentioned that the Spells had to be said on Hogswatchnight. As Trymon later read the Spells, it can be assumed that that day, on which Panter and the other heads were killed, was Hogswatchnight.
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