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Magrat Garlick (pronounced Magg-rat) is named as such, because her mother wanted to call her Margaret, but couldn't spell properly. Her mother was Simplicity Garlick, whose mother was Araminta Garlick. She is the niece of Yvonnel Garlick. Witches don't pay much attention to the paternal line. Magrat is thin, with a frequently red nose and an unruly mass of frizz and split ends that still awaits a Good Hair Day.

She was the original Maiden in the Lancre Coven, which consisted of herself, Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg. She is often described as "a wet hen", generally by Granny Weatherwax. Magrat believes in crystals, folk wisdom, and cycles of nature, and is overall a gentle parody of New Age pagans. Magrat's gentle personality allows her to serve as a mediator between the often-clashing Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, but she does occasionally displays a strong temper herself. Initially she doesn't appear to have much skill at witching magic, despite her large collection of magical jewellery, charms, and such ordered from Ankh-Morpork. In Witches Abroad Magrat was chosen to serve as a Fairy Godmother, but her inability to master the use of the wand (which had a tendency to reset to "pumpkins") prevented her from taking full advantage of the powers associated with this position. She can defend herself physically when necessary, and is capable of performing impressive feats of real magic (as seen in Wyrd Sisters when Magrat uses her magic to turn the old wooden door into a rising oak - a display that impressed even Granny Weatherwax).

Her forte however is as a herb-woman, doctor and pharmacist and she excels at this above the other witches (because she believes in it) wheras Granny tends to use whatever plant or bottle of coloured water comes to hand as a prop for her headology (the placebo effect). Magrat tends toward research, being unusually literate for a Lancrastian, particularly into herbs and potions, following in the shoes of her mentor Goodie Whemper. She inherited Goodie's cottage and practice in the village of Mad Stoat, bringing a New Age attitude to an age-old society. Magrat is a doer of good deeds and a worrier, a believer in the goodness of Nature and the psychic benefits of aromas and colors. Magrat believes in occult jewellery, magic knives, songs and folk wisdom. She is very much like a Roundworld New Age pagan; Pratchett poking fun of the whole concept. In fact she is the epitome of that wooly philosophy, nursing fallen baby birds until they die and never giving up hope until her husband and her country are attacked at which point she channels Warrior-Queen Ynci and goes out in vintage armor like a Lancre Boadecia to save them.

As a QueenEdit

Magrat meets her future husband Verence II when he is the Court Jester or the Fool for the Duke of Lancre, Felmet. He is unaware of his heritage at the time. They gradually and with great difficulty fall in love - neither very practiced or practical in the art of wooing. After a long engagement, Magrat marries King Verence II and becomes Queen of Lancre. Their engagement is not without its strife as Magrat becomes completely fed up of Granny Weatherwax ordering her around and interfering in her life, especially when Granny convinces King Verence II to plan her entire wedding behind Magrat's back and without her consent. She gives up on witching, abandoning all of her various magical trinkets by throwing them in the River Lancre. She helps repel the elves' invasion of Lancre by using old iron equipment and the non existent Warrior-Queen Ynci as inspiration.

As of Carpe Jugulum the couple has one daughter, Princess Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling. This unusual name is the result of Magrat's attempt to prevent a repeat of the same mistake made by her own mother. In effort to ensure the proper naming of her child, Magrat appended "Note Spelling" in the note she passed to the priest. This back-fired when he read out the complete sentence, and was mortified afterwards, but the deed had been done and no attempt to change it could be made. Having a child and being a mother now changes her attitude - she's not wet behind the ears anymore, becomes more straightforward and decided. Later on they appear to have two more children but these are not named.

As the Queen, she tries to support Verence's ambition to modernise and democratise Lancre although she knows that the citizens have little appetite for change and less for democracy; she is a buffer between the eager King and his lackadaisical country. She retires from witching and is supplanted by Agnes Nitt as the maiden after the events of Maskerade. However, when Granny Weatherwax retires from witching, Magrat is forced to become a witch again, rejoining the coven in the role of the Mother; Agnes Nitt assuming her old role as the Maiden and Nanny Ogg becoming the Hag or old crone much to her chagrin. Despite Magrat's new (temporary) role, at the end of the novel, she was asked, and acquiesced, to make tea by Granny Weatherwax, a role usually performed by the Maiden (in this case, Agnes Nitt).  In The Shepherd's Crown, Magrat again takes on the "Mother" role in the battle to stop the Elves from spreading into the world.  She leaves Verance at home to mind the kids, is instrumental in persuading Letitia, the Baron's wife, that being a witch is an important role, even for nobility, and that she should join the fray.

In the Wyrd Sisters animated adaptation, Magrat is voiced by Jane Horrocks.

A fossil species of Mesozoic ginkgo has been named Ginkgoites garlickianus after Magrat Garlick.

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