The Mended Drum is a tavern of stylish disrepute on Filigree Street, Ankh-Morpork. It was formerly known as the Broken Drum before it was burnt down in the Great Fire of Ankh-Morpork. A large troll is chained by door and acts as a bouncer.

"It might be thought that the Mended Drum, scene of unseemly scuffles only an hour ago, was a seedy disreputable tavern. In fact, it was a reputable disreputable tavern. It's customers had a certain rough-hewn respectability - they might murder each other in an easygoing way, as if between equals, but they didn't do it vindictively. A child could go in for a glass of lemonade and be certain of getting nothing worse than a clip round the ear when his mother heard his expanded vocabulary" - Sourcery
In spite of, or perhaps because of, the Drum's reputation, it is a regular haunt for heroes, students of the Unseen University, the Librarian, and anyone wishing to discuss business of a clandestine nature.

In Sourcery, Rincewind, the Librarian and Luggage first meet Conina, who is looking for a wizard, at the Mended Drum. It is also where Creosote eventually ends up in his pursuit of alcohol, and discovers that giving the landlord's daughter poetic compliments results in free beer.

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