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Mr greenyham

Mr. Greenyham of Ankh Sto Associates was one of those "duped" by Reacher Gilt into giving up their legal ways, defrauding the rightful owners of the Clacks and racing straight into deeply illicit acts in Going Postal. He had a smile like a tiger and was the treasurer of the Grand Trunk and a member of its Board of Directors.

In an insider trading type move, he bribed a couple of men in the Lancre tower to call in a breakdown (claiming that a witch had flown into the tower), and then had a man send him the Genua market figures a good two hours before anyone else got to see them. Using this, Greenyham is able to corner the dried prawns market. And dried fish maw and dried ground shrimp. This activity disgusted Reacher Gilt: firstly, because it was such a petty way to use the clacks system to make money, and secondly because he let someone like Crispin Horsefry find out about it.

If Greenyham knew where $AM 150,000 was, he wouldn't leave it in the ground, which made him nervous that Moist von Lipwig did have the gods on his side when he got a 150,000 dollar "gift from the gods". It made him even more nervous that Gilt knew about him.

He preferred to refer to the sacking of quite a lot of craftsmen as downsizing, and refused to accept Mr. Pony's claim that it would take nine months shut down to get the Grand Trunk working properly, plus $AM 200,000. He asked Gilt where he thought they could get 20,000 dollars, to which Gilt pointed out that they got it before, that Gilt knew how they got it before, and that Gilt would very much like them to get it again.

It worried him that Mr. Slant was unavailable for Board meetings when the Grand Trunk began to get in trouble.

Justice caught up with him in the end, albeit in an unorthodox fashion, thanks to Moist von Lipwig, who set things up so that a clacks message detailing his and the other directors' crimes, ostensibly from the dead Clacksmen who he and his fellows had defrauded, is read to a large group of people of Ankh-Morpork in the Great Hall of Unseen University.

Greenyham attempted unsuccessfully to prevent Devious Collabone from reading the message. He then threatened to sue Unseen University for slander until Archchancellor Ricully pointed out that they had a pond full of people who had tried to sue the University. At this point, he and the other members of the Board of Directors tried to persuade Lord Vetinari that all those crimes had really been committed by Gilt without their support, that he "was not an easy man to deal with." Vetinari agreed that they should not be detained at the Great Hall any longer and ordered Commander Vimes to throw them in the cells.