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Mister Slant

Mister Slant plays a major role in The Truth.

Name Mister Slant
Race Zombie
Age 351 (Making Money)
Occupation Lawyer
Physical appearance Grey and dry.
Residence Unknown
Death Head cut off.
Parents Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Children None
Marital Status Unmarried
Books Never a main character.
Cameos Maskerade (mentioned only), Jingo, The Truth, Night Watch, Making Money, Snuff (mentioned only)

Mister Slant is the president[1] (or, during the rule of Lord Snapcase, Head[2],) of the Ankh-Morpork Guild Of Lawyers. As well being the most respected zombie in Ankh-Morpork[1], and an authority on many legal matters in said city, Mister Slant commands much respect over the Ankh-Morpork legal profession as a whole[3]. One thing he fears, as a zombie, is fire, as he is very dry. He was already a zombie during the rule of Lord Winder[4], and is described in Making Money as being 351 years of age[5]. In Maskerade he was part of a partnership with Mr Morecombe and Mr Honeyplace, both vampires[6]. As a zombie, he was, as explained in Night Watch, the precedent- being killed had, if anything, benefited his legal career[2].

In Making Money when he coughed, a moth flew out of his mouth.

Involvement with The Committee To Unelect The Patrician, And Other "Concerned Citizens"[]

...while Mister Slant would bow (rather stiffly) to the rich and influential, he did not like mistakes, and he did not like seeing the law being brought into disrepute by inept lawyers and laymen, believing instead that this particular duty should be left to senior lawyers, such as Mr Slant, who could do it with care and panache and AM $300 an hour.

About Mister Slant, Snuff, pages 319-320

In The Truth, Mister Slant was a 'facilitator' working with The Committtee to Unelect The Patrician[7]. He was the one to give Mister Pin and Tulip their orders and pay. He also acted a liason between the New Firm and the Commitee (the latter led by Lord deWorde). Furthermore, he provided legal support for the group of engravers trying to shut down The Times in the form of a new charter... without the Patrician's signature[8]. Mister Slant has displayed similar forms of corruption before, such as in Jingo when he explained to Lord Vetinari that records show that Leshp did in fact once belong to the Ankh-Morpork Empire. He says that he hardly sees how any others could apply- such as say, Klatchian ones? Slant goeson to claim Leshp belongs to Ankh-Morpork through "Eminent Domain, Extra-Territoriality, and, most importantly, Acquiris Quodcumque Rapis [You get what you grab].[9]"

In Feet Of Clay, he works with other "Concerned Citizens" by pointing the Guild Leaders towards monarchy... and the alleged Earl of Ankh/ King Nobby Nobbs. In this way he helps Dragon-King-Of-Arms carry out his plan to put a puppet king in power. It is quite possible that Slant, along with Lord (then Doctor), Downey, was at Lady Selachii's ball "reviewing" Corporal Nobbs' "qualifications" (i.e. waving graciously, doing what one is told by "advisors", being regal, etc.)

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