Nanny Ogg's Cookbook is a book of recipes and wisdom of the Discworld character Nanny Ogg by Terry Pratchett, Stephen Briggs and Tina Hannan, and illustrated by Paul Kidby. The book covers a whole range of subjects including:

As commented by the (fictitious) editors of this book in the front of the book in a series of post-it note memoranda Nanny Ogg stole most of the work in this book from other sources such as the old editions of The Discworld Almanack, Wormolds Steerage, Twurps Peerage and several others. Most (although not all) of the recipes could feasibly be prepared.

Nanny Ogg has also written two other books, the most famous of which, The Joye of Snackes, has been banned and the other book, supposedly of children's stories (Mother Ogg's Tales For Tiny Folk), has been recalled.

True Nature[edit | edit source]

The first reference to Nanny Ogg's Cookbook appeared in 'Witches Abroad', where the cookbook makes its way to Ankh-Morpork and is subsequently published. What must be emphasised is that the book is not a cookbook in the traditional sense. It could perhaps be likened to the Kama Sutra in terms of content, through perhaps being of Nanny's authorship, a trifle more vulgar and also perhaps even more explicit, and not unnaturally perhaps most of all very descriptive.


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