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Of The Twighlight The Darkness
The front cover of the book Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett

Of The Twighlight The Darkness on the Raising Steam cover (leaning out of the train)

Name Of The Twighlight The Darkness
Race Goblin
Age Unknown
Occupation Clacksman, Railway Assistant
Physical appearance Thin, typical male goblin, i.e. lots of sinews.
Residence Roof of Moist von Lipwig and Adora Belle Dearheart's house
Death Still alive
Parents Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Children None
Marital Status Unknown
Books Raising Steam
Cameos None

Of The Twighlight The Darkness is a goblin shamegog who appears and takes a semi-major role in Raising Steam. He reveals this to Moist von Lipwig during the train ride to Bonk,.. He brews Moist several potions across the book, one of which results in the deaths of the Delvers who murdered the workers at the railhead to Quirm. He also helps Moist lead the Quirmian goblins out of the Quirmian Maquis. He works for Adora Belle Dearheart and the Clacks.

He is fond of naming Moist with other synonyms ("Mister Slightly Damp"). However, he emphatically warns Moist to always use a goblin's full, proper name when speaking to or among them; doing otherwise is considered extremely rude and confrontational in goblin culture.