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I don't know what you are when your behind the mask but Ghost is just another word for spirit, and spirit is just another word for Soul

Granny talking to the Opera Ghost.

The Opera Ghost is the separate personality of Walter Plinge and appears in Maskerade.


A silent figure with a flare for theatrics the Opera Ghost was created as a result of Walter Plinge being the conduit for the Opera House and its music. Due to his mindset being empty the quasi sentient force was able to bond with his mind resulting in the creation of the Opera Ghost personality.

He is very fond of Opera and sends gifts and encouraging letters to performers he likes. When not watching Opera shows he spends his days composing new Operas and repairing the old forgotten props in the building. While he can fight he never actively seek to harm anyone and treats fights like stage performances. For example when fighting a band of thieves he dances around them causing them to strike at each other and defeat themselves.