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Owlswick Jenkins is a brilliant and precise artist, He was arrested for forgery of stamps. He appears to be not entirely sane perhaps like Roundworlds Vincent van Gogh, a victim of lead poisoning caused from holding his paint brushes in his mouth. Like van Gogh his insanity seems to help him with his art. He was saved from the gallows by Moist von Lipwig because Moist admired his work forging stamps and needed someone to make Paper Money that could not be forged easily. He changes his name to Owlswick Clamp to create a new identity and avoid detection by the law. During his time in the Royal Mint, an Igor replaced his mind with the mind of a turnip; an extremely unsuccessful experiment which robs him of his talent. Moist forced the Igor to change it back.

Owlswick lived and worked in Short Alley until his capture and then employment at the Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork.

Currently, he is officially missing-presumed-dead but it is hinted that an angel came for him and he's probably happily alive and working for Vetinari in a similar situation to Leonard of Quirm.

The new name proposed for Owlswick, Exorbit, seems to suggest the xor bit-wise operation used in computer programming to test for certain conditions. Sir Terry worked for a while with a Sinclair computer in the early ‘80s to control devices about the house, an application where he might well have used the xor command. One can’t help wondering…