Peachy is a huge man with dreadlocks and a beard you could keep goats in. Why he was called Peachy was not known until Mr. Teatime asked him and was informed that he was called Peachy because he didn't shave; not because of his baby face but because he didn't like blades. Peachy is the kind of thug who breaks your legs, or uses your teeth to open beer bottles. Unfortunately for him, he sucked his thumb as a child which earns him a visit from the Scissors Man, who has been created especially for him by the Tooth Fairy who in her earlier incarnation was the original bogeyman. The childhood bogeyman who parents warned their children would comes and cut off their thumbs if they sucked them comes from the story, "the Scissorsman" (Struwwelpeter) by Heinrich Hoffmann. Peachy doesn't survive the visit.

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