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Ankh-Morpork had a a series of postmasters over the years but in recent times, prior to the novel Goiing Postal, none have lasted long. The known postmasters were:

  • Mr Cowerby was a man for efficiency, so he acquired a Mail-Sorting Engine; it had been designed by Bergholt Stuttley Johnson who originally intended it to be an organ (musical instrument). The wrong-ness of the Engine went beyond serving a different purpose than originally intended. By some amazing stupidity, Johnson managed to make the Engine tap through many layers of the space-time continuum, and the Engine spewed out mail that the postal workers hadn't even put into it. This led to the downfall of the post office because no number of postmen could keep up with delivering letters that hadn't even been written yet. After Mr. Cowerby's term Vetaneri tried to revive the post office with a succession of Post Masters who all died within five months. These included:
  • Mr Mutable who was a decent chap but fell to his death into the big hall from the fifth floor.
  • Mr Sideburn who fell down the back stairs and broke his neck at 3 o'clock in the morning.
  • Mr Ignavia who was found dead as a doornail, his face all contorted like he'd seen a ghost. The Watch & their werewolf were forced to conclude it was death by natural causes, and that no one had been near the body.
  • Mr Whobblebury who was a Dark Clerk in the service of the Patrician, he was always snooping around. He found and closely inspected the Mail Sorting Engine just before his death. The post office staff were first alerted to this when the cat, Mr Tiddles, came in carrying a bit of him. In the words of Stanley; "His head was all over the wall!!".
  • These Postmasters were followed by Moist Von Lipwig who was sentenced to the position by Mr. Vetinari in exchange for his life after a career of fraud, embezzlement and forgery. He reverses the Post Office's fortunes and brings it back to a vibrant entity before moving aside to become head of the banks.
  • Toliver Groat fills Moist Von Lipwig's shoes when Moist moves over to the banks.