Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling is the daughter of King Verence of Lancre and Queen Magrat, and is the heir to the throne. Her first name, Esmerelda, is often shortened to "Esme" as she was named such in tribute to Granny Weatherwax, whom Magrat asked to be her godmother. Her first middle name is Margaret, after her mother. Her second and third middle names, "Note Spelling" were included by the priest, Mightily Oats, who officiated at the naming ceremony. Magrat did not want a repeat of her own name, caused because her own other could not spell so included the instructions to note the spelling of Margaret in the note to the priest. Mightily Oats was extremely nervous, unsure of the local customs and being intimidated by Nanny Ogg hovering behind him, blundered and added the instructions to the name, thereby making it official. Magrat and Verence II tried to have it removed to no avail. Her naming took place in Carpe Jugulum.

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