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Princess (now Queen) Kelirehenna is the current ruler of the kingdom of Sto Lat and daughter of King Olerve the Bastard of the Sto Plains. During her father's assassination arranged by the Duke of Sto Helit, she briefly caught a glimpse of then invisible Mort, Death's apprentice, who immediately fell in love with her. Unfortunately, she was Duke's next target in his quest for the throne and her death was assigned as Mort's first solo mission.

In the very last moment he couldn't bring himself to reap young Princess Keli and killed her assassin instead in desperate attempt to save her. This lead to the serious universe disbalance; in attempt to sort everything out, the universe insisted that she should be dead for a time, which meant that most people simply refused to acknowledge her existence unless she made her presence clear and Keli started living a half life. As the original reality begins reasserting itself, the princess would eventually die as it was supposed to be. Together with Mort, she coined an ill-fated plan to save herself, all while two realities were rapidly closing each other. This finally lead to Death's intervention, who brought her along with her helpers in his realm and decided in favor of original reality and Keli's death. However, she was once again saved by Mort's intervention who proposed a duel for her life with Death; In the end, Death once again changed the reality so that she could live on as Queen Kelirehenna I, Lord of Sto Lat, Protector of the Eight Protectorates and Empress of the Long Thin Debated Piece Hubwards of Sto Kerrig. She rewarded Mort for his sacrifice by making him Duke of Sto Helit

Queen Keli still ruled at the time of Soul Music, when she ejected the Band with Rocks In from the city by royal proclamation. Though not mentioned by name, she is presumably the queen of Sto Lat at the time of Going Postal, and thus would be the first person on the Disc other than the Patrician to have her face on a stamp. In Raising Steam, Queen Keli helps inaugurate the new rail line between Sto Lat and Ankh-Morpork.

Was voiced by Alice Hart in the BBC Radio Four adaptation of Mort.