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Ptaclusp is an architect and pyramid builder, father and owner of the Ptaclusp family business: Ptaclusp Associates, Necropolitan Builders to the Dynasties. They operate in the small country of Djelibeybi, patterned after Ancient Egypt, and glory in their status as architects to the rich, famous and dead. When Ptaclusp started out he inherited the small family business from his father; "It had been fun in those days. Just him, 5000 labourers with Mrs. Ptaclusp doing the books". The spelling of Ptaclusp's name follows the ancient Egyptian pattern found in the name of the Ptolemic dynasty where the first letter in Ptolemy is silent. Ptaclusp's name has a connection to Pta, the Egyptian creator god -appropriate given that Ptaclusp creates pyramids. "Clusp" invokes "clasp" as in 'grab' or 'hold onto' which is appropriate given the cliches about undertakers which the pyramid builder's actions parody. The whole name also resonates with "tie clasp" but whether Pratchett was thinking along this line is unknown.

Ptaclusp has twin sons, Ptaclusp IIa and Ptaclusp IIb, who he had well educated before they joined the family business, Ptaclusp IIa as an accountant and Ptaclusp IIb as an engineer. Pratchett plays with the quote from Hamlet "To be or not to be, that is the question" in other novels so it is likely that is his intent here with IIb who ultimately ends up "not IIb".

Prior to the reign of Ptraci, the family's main focus was on building pyramids for the reigning family. They were usually not paid for these immensely expensive edifices, but continued to build them as a matter of pride, tradition, reputation and self-preservation. Much of the company's revenue came from building much smaller monuments, unconnected to the royal family.

During the building of Ptaclusp's Folly, Ptaclusp had an overwhelming sensation of reja vu" (which Pratchett explains in the footnotes means "I am going to be here again" and is clearly a play on deja vu) of using the many time loops which were occurring on the worksite to increase the workforce and finish the contract on time. Unfortunately this resulted in his having to pay forty thousand workers while actually employing only two thousand workers.

Since pyramids have fallen out of favour in recent years, the family seem to be pursuing a bright new future in 'engineering' and have been contracted by Queen Ptraci to build many bridges over the Djel, with the emphasis on being able to drop rocks on the crocodiles in the river below.

The family consists of Ptaclusp the father and his two sons Ptaclusp IIa and Ptaclusp IIb and their only appearance in the Pratchett opus is in Pyramids .