Ptraci is a central character in the novel Pyramids, which is her only appearance in the Discworld series.

Discription and History[edit | edit source]

She is the daughter of the late King Teppicymon and half sister of Pteppic. She served as her father's favourite handmaiden, unaware of their actual relationship. Following Pteppic's decision to abdicate, she became the queen of Djelibeybi, and proved to be more difficult to control than the priests had believed. Like her brother, she is in favour of bringing Djelibeybi forward, starting with indoor plumbing. She also enthusiastically embraces many of the stranger regimens, such as bathing in ass's milk, favoured by Cleopatra.

Following her father's death, she was ordered by Dios to willingly be buried alongside him in his pyramid as his favourite handmaiden. She refused and was imprisoned. At her trial, Pteppic ordered her release, but Dios countered the order, commanding she be thrown to the crocodiles instead. Pteppic rescued her from her cell and fled with her to Ephebe. After the pyramid was destroyed, King Teppicymon explained who Ptraci was, and Pteppic abdicated in favour of his sister.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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