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Riktor is a wizard and lecturer at Unseen University. His name is an obvious reference to Richter as in the Richter scale for measuring earthquake strength. He is also known as "Numbers Riktor", "Riktor the Counter", and "Riktor the Tinkerer" because he is convinced that the universe is made out of numbers. (Oddly enough, or perhaps fittingly enough, in Equal Rites, when Simon is taken hostage by the Things in the Dungeon Dimensions, he demonstrates various models of sustainable worlds to an audience of nightmares. When you get past the weirdness of a spherical world, and the sinister nature of one encircled by a self-devouring serpent with a tree growing through its hub, this is exactly what he demonstrates all matter to be made of - swirling, ever-changing numbers.)

Ignorant of Simon, and to prove his point, Riktor goes on to invent several machines:

  • The resograph (a "thingness-writer"), which measures disturbances in reality, which expels steel balls from small apertures with a 'plib' sound when reality is being disturbed. During the events of Moving Pictures these were being expelled at a rate entirely unheard of in the Disc's history, endangering anyone in their path. The Resograph has a parallel to the first seismograph invented In 132 AD by Zhang Heng in the second-century Han Dynasty.
  • The Star Enumerator
  • The Mouse Counter
  • The Swamp Meter
  • The Rev Counter for Use in Ecclesiastical Areas

He is also the author of at least one book, positing the theory that the universe began with a musical chord that "played" everything into existence. Skazz and Ponder Stibbons reference this work in Soul Music during their discussion with Ridcully about the possible nature of the Music.

In Moving Pictures, it is mentioned that Riktor scaled the Temple of Small Gods with Windle Poons and Greyhald Spold, implying that this genius was once an ordinary student wizard.