Sapient Pearwood was a tree and also what The Luggage, along with the other Luggages in Interesting Times, were made out of. It is almost extinct. It also survived in some areas outside of the Agatean Empire on the Counterweight Continent. It has most commonly in places where there is a large amount of raw untapped magic.

The LuggageEdit

The Luggage, a large multidimensional chest made of the same kind of wood, has certain characteristics that could pertain either to it's magical properties, or the Sapient Pearwood itself.

  • The ability of movement through dozens of human feet protruding from the bottom of the chest
  • Quasi-intelligence, self-awareness, and knowledge of its surroundings
  • Violent behavior towards possible threats to its owner
  • Multidimentional storage space, spanning across hundreds of possible pocket dimensions