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The Schmaltzburg Coup or Bonk Coup was a major inter-species politcal coup d'état in rimwards Überwald.


After months of political tension between the progressive dwarf faction (Lead by Rhys Rhysson, Bashfull Bashfullson and Albrecht Albrechtson) and the conservative dwarf faction (lead by Ardent and many grags), Ardent finally seized power. Albrecht Albrechtson was imprisoned, but not for long.

Coup d'état[]

Rhys Rhysson led an attack on Schmaltzburg, and was returned to power. He also abdicated from kingship but returned as Low Queen.

Rhys Rhysson: And now I have decided to no longer be your king![...]You've arrived at a good moment. I'm in the middle of making an anouncement.

Albrecht Albrechtson: So I heard. What are you doing? You don't have to stand down. You won.

Rhys Rhysson: Stand down? Oh, I don't think so, boyo. You'll see.

Rhys (Blodwen) Rhysson: This will be surprising news for many of my subjects, but I am female, just as your mothers were, and therefore am in truth your Queen!