Sergeant Detritus is a character who appears in the BBC America TV show, The Watch. The character is based off the character of the same name in Terry Pratchett's hit Discworld novels.

Detritus is an extremely strong troll and a member of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Sacrifice[edit | edit source]

Sergeant Detritus accompanies Captain Sam Vimes when Lord Vetinari summons him to discuss a library book stolen from the Unseen University. His presence annoys Vetinari, as his massive weight cracks the floor tiles. When Vetinari first takes Vimes to task for the actions of Constable Carrot in arresting Urdo van Pew, he claims that there is nobody by that name working with the City Watch. Detritus then reminds him that Carrot is the "new boy" who has just joined the Watch.

Detritus asks Constable Carrot why he became a cop and Carrot explains that when he was sixteen, his dwarf parents told him that his size wasn't simply down to good nutrition, that he was actually adopted and that somebody had thrown him down a mineshaft. Angered, he became a cop to bring justice to the world and police the kind of people who would throw a baby down a mineshaft. Carrot then asks Detritus why he became a member of the Watch. Detritus refuses to say anything and Corporal Angua explains that he doesn't like to talk about it, though Detritus has a flashback of Vimes shouting at him, asking why he had to go and save him.

When Vimes confronts Carcer Dun and his group of goblins with the help of Lady Sybil Ramkin, Detritus and the other members of the Watch rush to his aid. They manage to get them out alive, but Detritus is killed in the melee.

Saving Vimes again[edit | edit source]

As part of one Dun's plots, Sam Vimes is sent into an alternate universe in which he is an inmate, "Prisoner 177," at Tanty, a harsh prison run by Lady Sybil Ramkin. When he expresses confusion regarding his status as a prisoner, Carrot, who is one of the wardens in this universe, takes it as talking back and orders him to be thrown to "The Beast." Upon being tossed into the pit, Vimes hears a voice of someone declaring that he's going to beat him, eat him and then excrete him. Seeing Detritus, he greets him warmly as an old friend come back to life, only for the alternate Detritus to punch him in the face and send him flying back. The alternate Detritus continues to pummel and then grabs him, shouting that he killed his best friend, but Vimes shouts back that he is his best friend. He tells him that he's not the Sam Vimes that he thinks he is. "How come your arm grew back?" he asks. "You think I lost my arm?" asks Vimes and the alternate Detritus replies that he didn't, but Vimes had thought that he did. "Let's find out who you really are," he declares.

He presses Vimes up against a rock, one which he says is one of the oldest in Tanty's formations and one of his ancestors. He then communes with the rock and realizes "Not your world. Not my Vimes." He explains that stone speaks stone, even across splintered worlds. He laughs at Vimes's statement that he's captain of the Watch back in his world, saying that his grandma is laughing too. He tells Detritus that if he wants to hear something really funny, that he's a sergeant in his world. He laughs at this too, but then learns from his grandma that in the other world, he's dead. Vimes admits that this is true, that Detritus died protecting him, the second time he had saved his life. He says he was the best friend he ever had and the alternate Detritus tells him he's his best friend now. He tells he knows a way he can save him one more time. He then shows him a way to escape, promising that the two of them will meet again.

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