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Sham Harga is the very large, greasy, and unhygienic owner of Harga's House of Ribs eatery in Ankh-Morpork. Sam Vimes ate there for years, and in all that time never saw a clean glass, even though Sham was perpetually wiping one with his greasy cloth. To get an idea of what is on the menu for the day, you only have to look at Sham's vest.

The fat in the chip pan hadn't been changed for years until there was the possibility that a king might have returned. This was the same time that his "love-in-a-canoe" [1] coffee was created. Vimes described his coffee as "like molten lead". Death works as a short order cook at Sham's place, ensuring the neighbourhood cats get the best cuts of meat but also doing an excellent job at the grill.

Sham was also, likely at the instigation of one CMOT Dibbler, an early pioneer in movie product placement and superliminal messages (if 1 second worked imagine what 5 minutes would do).


  1. f***ing close to water