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Derment: "From what we've seen tonight, there isn't a wizard on the Disc who could stand against him!"
Spelter: "Why should we stand against him?"
Derment: "Because he's more powerful than we are!"
— Spelter and Gravie Derment arguing about Coin.[src]

Mr. Spelter (fl. 1973) was the Bursar of the Unseen University, succeeding a human who previously held the post. He appeared in Sourcery and was a Fifth level wizard, and a member of the order the Venerable Council of Seers. He was thin, amoral and somewhat pompous.

He was active during the time of the Sourcerer, and in marked contrast to most wizards then, worked to stop Archchancellor Coin's plans. He attempted to end Coin's reign after realising the effects that his gateway to the Dungeon Dimensions would have on Discworld. He tried to talk to the Librarian, but the ape would not open the doors. He then attempted to wrestle Coin's staff away from Coin but the soul of Ipslore the Red that had previously animated the staff had other ideas, the staff hunting Spelter through the empty corridors of the university and eventually blasting Spelter to ash and memory. But he did try ..which is more than most of the wizards past of present ever did.

Spelter's demise paved the way for the accession of a new Bursar, likely Dr Dinwiddie who is the present one and the unfortunate butt of Archchancellor Ridcully's attentions - the man who single-handedly keeps the Disc's pharmaceutical industry in business (or at least that part of it which is on constant overtime producing dried frog pills).