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Tak is the god of the dwarfs and is believed to have created all of them. He first appeared in Thud!. He is inspired by the Dwarven creation myth from the Silmarillion (The Lord of the Rings).

The first thing Tak did, he wrote himself.

The second thing Tak did, he wrote the laws.

The third thing Tak did, he wrote the World.

The fourth thing Tak did, he wrote a cave.

The fifth thing Tak did, he wrote a geode, an egg of stone.

And in the twilight of the mouth of the cave, the geode hatched, and the Brothers were born.

The first Brother walked toward the light, and stood under the open sky. Thus he became too tall. He was the first Man. He found no Laws and he was enlightened.

The second Brother walked toward the darkness, and stood under a roof of stone. Thus he achieved the correct height. He was the first Dwarf. He found the Laws Tak had written, and he was endarkened.

Then Tak looked upon the stone and it was trying to come alive, and Tak smiled, and wrote All things strive.

And for the service the stone had given, he fashioned it into the first Troll, and delighted in the life that came unbidden.

These are the things that Tak wrote!

-The things that Tak wrote, Koom Valley Translation by B'hrian Bloodaxe.

The grags consider this hearsay, and follow this variation for the third paragraph:

But some of the living spirit of Tak was trapped in broken stone egg, and it became the first Troll, wandering the world unbidden and unwanted, without soul or purpose, learning or understanding. fearful of light and darkness it shambles forever in twilight, knowing nothing, learning nothing, creating nothing, being nothing...

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