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The old drinking song mentioned in the annotation for p. 82 of Eric, The Ball of Philodephus is based on the 'The Ball of Kerrymuir'. 'The Ball of Kerrymuir' has 43 verses, part of which is below and rated X.

Oh the Ball, the Ball of Kerrymuir,
Where your wife and my wife,
Were a-doing on the floor.
Balls to your partner,
Arse against the wall.
If you never get fucked on a Saturday night
You'll never be fucked at all.
There was fucking in the kitchen
And fucking in the halls
You couldn't hear the music for
The clanging of the balls.
Now Farmer Giles was there,
His sickle in his hand,
And every time he swung around
He circumcised the band.
Jock McVenning he was there
A-looking for a fuck,
But every cunt was occupied
And he was out of luck.
The village doctor he was there
He had his bag of tricks,
And in between the dances,
He was sterilising pricks.
And when the ball was over,
Everyone confessed:
They all enjoyed the dancing,
but the fucking was the best.