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A speculative map of the rail system

The Undertaking is Havelock Vetinari's grand plan to take Ankh-Morpork into the future. by improving the sewage system and installing a series of underground tunnels in which the dwarfs will lay tracks, for trade and possibly people as well.


During the events of Thud! Dwarfs excavated an impressive and far-reaching network of tunnels under the city, following an agenda of their own. Although these Dwarfs are now long-gone (apart from those facing the justice of Vetinari and the Low King), their tunnels remain,

The Plan[]

The tunnels left behind are most likely tended by native Ankh-Morpork Dwarfs who in their very dwarvish natures would be reluctant to allow Dwarf-made underground works to go to ruin. Any Dwarfs performing this work would no doubt be aided by the impressive array of drainage and pumping devices that the builders left behind when they departed in something of a hurry, the most notable of which would be the Technomantic Devices seized by Vetinari under the legal principle of Eminent Domain, or Quia Sic Ego Dico (Because I Say So), supported by a secondary argument of Acquiris Quodcumquae Rapis (You Get What You Grab).

The Dwarfs are no doubt aided by the Artificers' Guild, to whose care Vetinari has turned over the Devices. Forward thinkers have noted that the Dwarfs laid rails in these tunnels, so as to most efficiently manipulate and remove wagons full of spoil to disposal points. What if, the thought goes, similar wagons might be built on the same principle to transport humans between points of interest in the city - but Underground, below the congested streets....

To do all this requires money. Vetinari has set the ball rolling by reforming the Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork and the Royal Mint and is now virtually guaranteed a loan of half a million dollars. Other forward-thinking citizens such as Harry King have also been investing heavily in areas of their own professional expertise.

But loans need to be repaid, which is why Vetinari has plans to reform the taxation system, as only through raising taxes can a Government fulfil its fiscal obligations and prime the pump for future prosperity.