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The Unnamed Continent is home to several city-states and countries, including Ankh-Morpork and the Sto Plains, with Klatch located nearby. It is situated in the Circle Sea. Also located on this continent is the Hub, with Cori Celesti, the 10-mile-high mountain where the Gods lived, at its centre.

It is connected to the Counterweight Continent by a long narrow isthmus. It was based on Europe and thought to be separate from Klatch just as Europe and Asia are thought to be separate continents on the Roundworld. Also it was a home to Genua which was uncanningly reminiscent of New Orleans. Other locations on the Unnamed Continent included Brindisi and No Thingfjord.


Here is a concise list of regions on the Unnamed Continent.

Natural features[]

Here is a list of the Unnamed Continent's natural features.