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Trevor likely

Trevor Likely is a famous football player who is a central figure in Unseen Academicals. He is the son of Dave Likely, a famous football player, although by the end of the novel Dave Likely is referred to as Trevor's father; context is important, as Vetinari once said. He was the manager of Unseen University's candle vats before Vetinari's plan for the future of football; the status of that job is now unknown. His title in that capacity was "dribbler," both a reference to the dribbly candles he produced and towards his future football career. He always kicks around a tin can when he walks; his skill is well known and admired by his friends.

At first, Trevor is only a fan of football rather than an actual player because his ol' mum forbade him to play after she was widowed. Trev heeds this for most of the book; Nutt reveals that Trev was traumatized at an early age by the violent death of his father during a game, and wishes to have no part in the world of football. However, due to the new, slightly more civil, rules of the game, Trev eventually gives in and replaces Professor Macarona (pages of degrees and honours following) after he was injured by two Ankh-Morpork United players. He plays badly at first, but Glenda replaces the official ball with a tin can, allowing Trevor to show his true talent.

Trev had hoped for a relationship with Glenda Sugarbean the head cook in the Night Kitchen at UU; flatters her in order to get some of her amazing cooking. However, when he meets Juliett Stollop, another Night Kitchen worker, he falls deeply in love with her instead and over the course of the novel their relationship develops to the point where they clearly intend to marry each other.