Errr... Hello? Hi. This is my first blog. I came across this wki and made a few edits, fixing redlinks and stuff. When I came back a few days later and saw my edits still on the recent edits, I realised this was  quite an empty wiki. The last edit by an admin was 21st July, 2014, by GummyGolem. I put up this request for adoption (gaining admin rights and stuff) and was told that since there are a few active editors, I had to gain support from the community (you!), so, here I am, trying to gain support. Not sure what happens when I have support - perhaps we all get  rights or something, I dunno. Basically, if you want actual active (at least slightly) admins, be all like 'I think we should adopt this wiki' or something at the bottom.

Pelagius the Geek (talk) 20:50, July 15, 2015 (UTC)