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This is a list of members of the von Überwald family.

Angua Delphine von Überwald[]

see Angua von Überwald.


see Undead#Wolfgang.

Serafine Soxe-Bloonberg (Yellowfang) von Überwald[]

Angua's mother. Apparently from Genua, according to Dragon. Serafine went to the Quirm College for Young Ladies with Lady Sybil, but they later parted ways. Sybil wrote to her many times, but she never answered. She is married to Guye von Überwald, and lives in their family's castle. She imprisoned Lady Ramkin in the events of The Fifth Elephant. This section is a stub. You can help Discworld Wiki by [| expanding it].


Guye (Silvertail) von Überwald[]

Angua's father, married to Serafine. He spends so much time hunting in wolf form that he is becoming more and more wolf-like. He flinches at the word 'bath.'

Andrei von Überwald[]

Son of Serafine and Guye. Andrei is a yennork, and remains constantly in wolf form. After fleeing Wolfgang, he became an award-winning sheepdog in Borogravia.

Elsa von Überwald.[]

Also a yennork, she remained constantly in human form, and was murdered by Wolfgang.