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Worralorrasurfa is a coastal town on the continent of XXXX rimwards of Bugarup. It is renowned for having a bonzer surfing beach, but surfers should beware of the coral reef, (especially if attempting to surf in a ballgown and high heels). It is the home town of Petunia the Desert Princess. It also has a banana factory that employed Neilette before she took to the road with Letitia and Darleen.


Worralorrasurfa is likely a referrence to Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia. The name was changed to Surfers Paradise in 1917, contributing greatly to the flow of tourists from across the world who flock to visit, despite great surf being found across much of the Australian coast. This is much like Bear Mountain in Lancre where everyone is making too much money to consider changing the name...

The naming of Worralorrasurfa also matches many Australian town names drawn from local indigenous languages, which include repeated or rhyming syllables. Examples of coastal towns with such names include Tamarama, Woolgoolga, Woolloomooloo, Woy Woy, Goonoo Goonoo, and Watanobbi. This might therefore be interpreted as a bad taste pun in the same vein as "Dijabringabeeralong", which was used on tourist memorabilia in Australia before making fun of indigenous languages which had been largely wiped out by the European invasion became politically incorrect.