Favoured by auto-condimentors in general (and Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully of Unseen University in particular), Wow-Wow Sauce is a condiment known to include mature scumble, pickled cucumbers, capers, mustard, mangoes, figs, grated wahoonie, anchovy essence, asafoetida, sulphur and saltpetre. It is considered appropriate for use on meat, fish, fowl, eggs and many vegetable dishes.

Wow-Wow Sauce is highly volatile, to the point that it can be used not only as a condiment but also to break up small rocks and tree roots. Aficionados know that it is safe to consume only after sweat is no longer condensing on the bottle, and that it is vitally important not to make any jolting movements for half an hour following consumption. For these reasons, Wow-Wow Sauce has been outlawed in at least three cities. The only condiment more dangerous is the mercifully rare Three Mile Island salad dressing.

Wow-Wow Sauce as found on Discworld would almost certainly merit the attention of some form of chemical weapons team here on the Roundworld; assuming of course it wasn't banned by international treaty. Nonetheless, as is typical of anything truly dangerous, a reflection of Wow-Wow Sauce can be found on the Roundworld. Apparently created by Dr. William Kitchiner in the early 1800s, details of variants of this version are included in The Discworld Companion and Nanny Ogg's Cookbook; it is however decidedly less explosive than that found on the Disc.

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