XXXX, or Fourecks , or "EcksEcksEcksEcks" (names differ from person to person) is a continent on the Discworld, referred to as the 'last continent'. While the rest of the Disc is (presumably) millions of years old, FourEcks has existed only for the last 30,000 years, but when it was created it was made millions of years old. Time, therefore, was not exactly uniform across the continent, and as a result the Unseen University faculty arrived at the continent's point of creation but were easily able to return to the 'present'. The continent was surrounded by a permanent anti-cyclone which prevented anybody leaving or arriving, though people sometimes managed to arrive via driftwood, which is how the camels got there.

All of this was evidently caused by the arrival of Rincewind, who also, though totally against his will, put things right again. The continent's permanent weather patterns have changed (it now rains in FourEcks, something it hitherto had not done), and Ecksians have begun emigrating, particularly to Ankh-Morpork where they have practically taken over the bartender/publican trade (the barman in just about every pub is Ecksian).

As of The Last Continent, FourEcks is governed by a Prime Minister, who is locked up as soon as he is elected (to save time later on). There is also a wizarding university there, similar to UU, headed by (at last account), Bill Rincewind.

The principal city, presumably the capital, of FourEcks is Bugarup. A much smaller town (it has a pub, therefore it's a town) is Didjabringabeeralong.

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