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Ymitury is a country on the coast of the continent of Klatch, just Hubwise of Howondaland and Rimwards of Hersheba. The Discworld Atlas says that it is a monarchy ruled by a Sultan and his many consorts. The capital is Re'durat, a small city of red brick building (up to four stories high) which is governed by a Pasha. The main exports of the country are dates and ingredients for the perfume trade; in particular a resinous incense from the Reeking Acacia tree and a kind of musk gathered from the Giggling Meer Kat. An additional export is women since the Sultan supports polygamy and open relationships and sends his surplus concubines off to other world leaders as gifts. On one state visit to Ankh-Morpork, he gifted Vetinari six surplus-to-requirements concubines, bound head to toe in black ribbon. On other occasions he has sent them wrapped in carpet, with them being mistaken for giant butterflies pupae or vegetables. The Patrician was assured that his would break out of the cocoon stage and turn into finest specimens. Usually once the world leaders discover the true nature of the gift, the women are shipped surreptitiously back home. Ymitury has a powerful order of mage but there is a question of how powerful they really are since in The Colour of Magic, the Archmage was relieved him of his staff, belt of moon jewels and his life in that order by the heroic adventurers Weasel and Bravd the Hublander . Some wizards at the Unseen University have questioned how any mage could have been defeated by two heroes, leading to speculation that he could have been a charlatan, or worse a foreigner. The country seems to support tourism as long as they are not tourists from the Hub. Its capital is advertised as having accommodation with central courtyards and shuttered windows.

Initially it was assumed that this was one of the "joke countries" that Pratchett created as one-offs. The country receives no further mention after The Colour of Magic until the The World of Poo, where it is mention that Ymitury exists in the "modern" age and cannot be dismissed easily. It receives more extensive coverage in The Discworld Atlas